About Us Section

Your "about" section is a flexible section. You can change the title to anything that works better for your business. Some examples might include "How we got started," or "Our philosophy," or "Why we do this".

Along with the standard items listed in the banner section, this section also includes:

• An industry-related, generic image with square borders

• Industry-related, generic text written by us, about your type of business -OR- Custom text written by you, as many words as you want (but remember, less is more), with right justified alignment

• The slate-gray background color you see here


List Section


The list section has many possible functions. Some examples of content include:

• Pricing
• Testimonials
• Contact information
• Location

** Please note that external linking and connecting to social media profiles is an upgrade, and not included as a standard Basic Website feature.


The list section comes with all the standards listed above, and includes:

• Up to 3 sections
• Right justified alignment
• Blue colored background, as seen here


After your site is complete, this section can be upgraded by purchasing service blocks. It can become a display for products you sell, a testimonial section, a showcase of your work, etc. A few possibilities include:

• Add images
• Add pricing
• 2-tone gradient or image background
• Change the alignment

** Adding external and social media links is a service that isn't yet available, but it's coming very soon! We are working hard to roll this out before September 1st.