So, what's the deal?

Getting your business online is critical to your growth, and a major factor in your success, but not everyone is tech-savvy and able to achieve this on their own.

Equally, funds are often low in the new business or new idea phase, so a website may not be made a high priority as a result.

Not having a website is harmful to your growth and we're here to help you fix that!

Our business model allows you to get a basic website online for a low price, expand your site as your revenue grows, and change your site as needed. No tech skills required.


What does a 'basic website' include, and how much does it cost?

The basic website includes a 'banner' section, an 'about us' section, and a 'list' section. Click here to see an example page with explanations.

There are three standard costs to getting a website built for you, no matter which web developer you choose to do the work: the cost to build the website, an annual cost for the domain name, and a monthly cost for hosting.

Most website builders also charge you a monthly fee to maintain your website. We feel that you shouldn't have to pay unless you want changes made, and that those changes shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. This is what it costs to get our 'basic website' online:


Building Your Website

Building Your Website

To have us build your basic website, there is a one-time cost of $250. We encourage you to get quotes from other website builders so you can see for yourself that you can save up to 80% with us!

Your Domain

Your Domain

Your domain is purchased by you, and this payment goes directly to the registrar. The cost varies greatly based on the domain you want, but there are many domains available for as little as $12 per year.

If you're confused by these terms, don't worry! After you purchase your basic website, there is a section in our questionnaire that explains it all in detail, and makes the purchasing process very easy for you to follow. You can also purchase a service block if you want one of our experts to get on a virtual meeting with you and guide you through it.



Hosting is where your website's files are stored, and the cost is based on how much traffic is going to your website. Hosting costs $25 per month, for which you get unlimited storage and an SSL security certificate.

Need to know more?
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Purchase the Basic Website by clicking the ‘buy’ button, below.




After payment, you will be redirected to the questionnaire we use to build your site. Complete and submit it immediately. See the FAQs page for a preview of the content.




After you submit the questionnaire, you will be given a link to book your virtual 1:1 meeting. Book it for the earliest date you're available.




Attend your virtual meeting, where our agent helps you connect your domain, and set up your hosting.




Run your business! Buy service blocks to update or change your website, as your business grows.